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Moon on Water and Crabs Underneath

Looking down on the ocean/beach last (dark) night. Moon was a crescent (blurred here), 3 days past new moon. Light on right is house on shore, the 3-4 lights on horizon are crab fishing boats. It's looking like a good crab season. One local fisherman got 1200 pounds the 1st day out.

I sometimes imagine what the ocean floor would look like if I could see it without the water. There are hundreds of square miles covered with -- CRABS! They're just about everywhere out there.


tuskedbeast said...

The ocean outside of Montara/Half Moon Bay harbor was lit up with fishing boats early yesterday morning, when I was on a surf dawn patrol. I wondered what they were all after- thanks!

Ian Montgomery said...

Lloyd, was wondering if you are still skating?
I have a skate related question for you and if possible I would like to email you the question.
My email is ian@pre-future.com - ian at pre-future dot com

Many thanks
Ian Montgomery

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