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Another Toot With Louie in San Francisco

No, no, a different kinda toot: see http://lloydkahn-ongoing.blogspot.com/2013/02/a-toot-in-san-francisco.html.
Louie and I went over in the morning, went to the Cliff House Bistro at the beach. got a couple of Irish Coffees at the bar, then a great breakfast sitting at an ocean-view table AND the surf was big. There were maybe 50 surfers out, peaks everywhere, and everyone was getting rides. "We're in 'em," said Louie as breakfast was served, a salmon fishermen's expression for being in the midst of a school of salmon.

We went into the unique vintage camera obscura (anyone see "Tim's Vermeer" documentary?), then to the Academy of Sciences in the park to see the spectacular "Skulls" exhibit, then dinner that night at Camino, the wood-fired restaurant in Oakland. For desert we stopped at Mel's on Lombard, split an, ahem, chocolate malt, and played Otis Redding on the juke box. We're so bad.

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Lew said...

Tim's Vermeer was a really insightful documentary; it deserves a viewing by anyone expressing an interest in art, history, or science.

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