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Twenty Eight Feet - Life on a Little Woden Boat by - Kevin Fraser

Dear Lloyd, I made a short documentary about a friend of mine who lives on a small 50 year old boat and is one of if not the happiest person in my life. The movie is short but I think honest and hopefully a little inspiring. The movie has been touring film festivals but just yesterday I was able to upload it online and make it available to the world for free.… Kevin Fraser


Anonymous said...

awesome............ not that secure with myself.

Angela Lacy said...

Wish I was there!!!

Joy Godsey said...

I often talk with my grandson about pursuing adventure. He's young, smart and healthy and at this point has no constraints. Climb a mountain, bike across the US, work in Alaska for a summer, travel across Europe, hike the AP… there is so much to see and learn and love outside of a college classroom. There will always be time to grab that higher diploma, if that is important.

Shirley said...

Little wooden old boat needs a master touch.....someone who has free spirit, one good sailor.

Richard Ieian Jones said...

Thanks enjoyed that

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