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Tiny Homes on the Move Slide Shows/Book Signings in Oregon Next Week

I realize this blog has been a bit sparse lately. Mainly because I'm funneling almost all of the building posts to http://www.theshelterblog.com. Also, it's kinda stressful to get something new up each day PLUS I'm starting to work on our new Stretching pocketbook.
   Next week I'll be in Oregon doing slide shows and book signings for Tiny Homes on the Move
-Portland - Powell's, 1005 West Burnside Street, Wednesday, July 30, 7:30 PM
-Corvallis - Grass Roots Books, 227 SW 2nd St., Thursday, July 31, 7 PM
-Eugene - University of Oregon, Library Browsing Room, 1501 Kincaid, Friday, Aug. 1, 4 PM. We'll be giving out some mini books.
   I'll be posting from Oregon, so things will pick up by next Tuesday (July 29th).


Mr. Sharkey said...


Please check your July/August calendar. The days of the week and dates don't match up. It would be a shame to miss you because of a tiny miscalculation on the move...

Anonymous said...

Dang it. Was in Powells last week. And being that we live in PA, a return trip is not in the works anytime soon.

Lloyd Kahn said...

Sharkey, Thanks! Correct now.

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