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Leopard Shark Last Night

The water is SO warm right now. Only one other time in all my time on the Pacific Coast. Especially when sun-warmed water is flowing out of the lagoon. 60, maybe even 65 degrees. We are stylin! Couldn't swim due to rib injury but I just went in the ocean and floated. Such a difference from normal. Oh, you guys that live where the water's warm -- ecstasy. To be able to swim relaxed, no tight wetsuit.
    A fisherman caught this little (3'-4') leopard shark. It had never occurred to me how beautiful they are. I mentioned this to a surfer friend who was there and he said, Yeah that's true. It had been hooked in a fin. The fisherman got the hook out and it took off out into the sea. There's just so much going on in the world every day!

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Anonymous said...

Not directly related. The NYT on Sunday, today, has an article about abalone divers in Northern California. http://nyti.ms/1zbq4c4 You might be interested. I enjoy your blog enormously. Thanks, -George

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