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Kayak for Fishing

I was all set to get a 12' Tarpon fishing kayak, a really nice boat, with lots of fishing accoutrements. But when I took it for a paddle, I discovered that a lot of accoutrements means a lot of weight, maybe 65 pounds vs. 45 for my old (trusty) 12' Ocean Kayak Scrambler. Too heavy for my not-functioning-fully-anymore shoulders. Also, the Tarpon has no rocker, as does the Scrambler; it's gonna pearl if it gets even near a wave. So I'll stick with the old guy on my clamming expeditions, but get a better paddle.

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The Flying Tortoise said...

I've had a two person Ocean Kayak for the last fourteen years, it's had a hard life but what a wonderful craft, great for fishing from. Very stable. A good high backed seat makes a hell of a difference...

driftingson.com said...

You might consider the Jackson Cruise 10- it's not necessarily built for the ocean, but at 53lbs it falls between the boats you list above. A nice compact boat built for fishing. http://jacksonkayak.com/jk-kayaks-4/kayak-fishing/?discipline=fishing-hunting

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