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Hobbit House to be Knocked Down in Wales

"Lloyd; thought of you, when I came across this article online
My comment: this imaginative and hard working couple, Charlie and Megan, are practicing the solution to our housing crisis, by building their own home, cheaply and in a sustainable way, using traditional strategies. obviously, the only reason they didn't apply for "planning permission" is that they couldn't afford the tax. governments need to be helping young families with generous housing subsidies, not considering it another opportunity for a cash grab. sincerely, hope reason will win out and the Pembrokeshire Council will save face, by taking advantage of the Welsh Government "One Planet Development Policy" guidelines, to make it possible for the couple to keep their traditional family croft. all the best with your creative adventures in 2014.
happy trails, Stephen McPhail"

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Anonymous said...

this is such a beautiful/soulful/well constructed home...

if it is knocked down, a travesty.

Anonymous said...

Our practice has just secured planning approval for a house in a similar situation with a different Welsh authority. The difference is that the house we have designed is (unfortunately) more conventional but the owners have taken the proper steps to get their approval. This couple, however, are ignoring all planning policies and building regulations put in place to protect wildlife and the countryside and for their safety. I've viewed their application details previously and the "eco-friendly" aspects of the build seem very spurious to me, nothing even close to what the One Planet guidelines strive to achieve. This really isn't the low impact eco home that they're making it out to be. They knew what they were doing when they avoided applying for permission despite their protestations of innocence and any financial savings will eventually be eclipsed by the legal fees they're paying to save the place. There is no "tax" or "cash grab" they would have to pay to build that house by the way. This is the wrong way to approach building in this country and all the 'likes' on facebook and moaning to the papers are sadly pretty meaningless. I find their attitude in demonising the authorties and playing the sympathy card to anyone who isn't going to look at the facts properly to be so harmful to other people who do want to follow the correct procedures and build their own homes in this country.

Anonymous said...

The government would be smart to KEEP houses like that and make them tourist attractions of a sort...I would go there to see a house like that!! and others!! Think of the touristy money they're losing by not taking the opportunity make these an attraction!

Anonymous said...

wonder if you know of anyway to contact the above folks, maybe they could use this argument to get their home approved..


Anonymous said...

here is another couple who "got past" the planning permissions issue


Anonymous said...

If what the second anonymous poster (above) alleges is true, why doesn't s/he post his/her name or web address?

You really need to give more detail for these allegations to be taken seriously.

Robert Alcock

Anonymous said...

Update on this Hobbit House..
the couple are still filing appeals, and hopeful. Latest result is expected in May. Here is their facebook page. Seems they are now exploring new enterprises, carving and such (nice)...


Charlie and Meg's Roundhouse

February 11 at 3:24pm ·
On the business of appeal hearings - our appeal paperwork is in and has now been validated. So there will be a hearing around the start of May. For now - sunshine, more trees and fruit bushes planted and leeks, leeks, glorious leeks


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