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Traveling the World in 1982 Landcruiser With Tent on Top

"Lloyd, your work is truly inspired!! Just found out about the Tiny Homes on the Move book coming out and not sure if our story is of interest and whether you're all finished with it anyway, but check us out if you get a chance. We're travelling through the world in an 82 Toyota Landcruiser Troopy with tent on top, solar, sink and watersystem, etc...pretty simple, but just right for us in this period of our lives. Our photography is at www.wanderwith.me and on FB at https://www.facebook.com/thewanderlings - we can take photos of anything else and send of course also. An interview on the inspiration part of our journey: http://huckberry.com/blog/posts/wander-with-me and on the truck: upknorth.com/blog/wanderwithme-a-roadtrip-across-the-world-fj-45 ♥ Colby & Alita "

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Selina Dorsey said...

Semoo Traveling Tent from Bizarkdeal

Once the tent was up, it looked great! My boyfriend is 6'2",, he was able to fit in here along with me, a little sideways, but we were able to fit pretty comfortably. For one night I would bring my niece along and let her sleep with us (she's only 5), but for more time, I would have to give her, her own little tent and connect it with ours somehow.

Overall, from what I can tell so far, this is a good quality tent, material seems strong, and looks nice when all together!

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