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Tiny Homes For The Homeless Built Out of Dumpster Garbage in Oakland, California

"Gregory Kloehn goes dumpster diving, but not for the reason that most people would think. He isn’t homeless. In fact, he is an artist from Oakland that is trying to help the homeless and develop his craft at the same time.
Instead of building sculptures that he would sell to rich people to add to their massive homes, he decided to focus his efforts on helping house the homeless population in California.…He uses what he collects to build small, one room shelters for the homeless.…"
Click here and here.

1 comment :

Anonymous said...

Hi Lloyd, ran across some more articles on this fellow and had a look at his website.

He now has a TON of pics of his tiny homes for the homeless, which he has pretty much created from garbage.

Hunted this post out, to put the link on, in case anyone is interesting in building some of these, he has quite detailed pics of his work in progress, and MANY many finished homes.

I believe these pics are from a photographer who has photographed this man's work/art.


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