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Poppa's Got A Brand New Carry-on Bag

I've always had backpacks for airplane travel, eschewing suitcases and wheeled bags. I figured it was a good workout to have the weight on my shoulders, and I always walked up the stairs instead of using escalators, and never took the moving walkways. BUT on my last trip, I had so much weight, it wore me out. This time I got an Osprey rolling pack (with day pack, wheels, and shoulder straps), a new Da Kine day pack, and cut down on clothing as much as I could. Much improved.
   Even though I have a (11") MacAir laptop, a bunch of camera gear, couple of books, and on this trip, a digital projector, the weight is on wheels -- such a relief. Well, duh.
   Airports are stressful enough as it is. I'll get my workouts in other ways. The strap is for a fairly aerodynamic camera bag, in which I have my new Olympus OM5-D10 with 3 lenses -- gonna carry it in my city explorations here. The vest is a Columbia Omni-Shade -- lightweight, bunch of pockets Also, stealth vaping -- heh-heh -- works in airports.


Anonymous said...

sure looks much more streamlined..

am looking forward to pics.

B said...

That looks brilliant - efficient, practical and tiny! Can that all be counted as carry-on?

GK said...

I have the same attitude re taking the stairs, wearing a pack, etc., while traveling, but think you made a wise decision. No need to wear yourself out on the journey, plenty of time to do so whilst at your destination!

Anonymous said...

Lloyd, thought this would be handy for you...

Scottevest coat


Lloyd Kahn said...

Thanks, just ordered Scottvest. zLooks way more convenient than my present vest.

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