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No gasoline in Point Reyes Station for the next 4-6 days!

From the Marin County Sheriff:
Due to a vehicle accident that occurred last night where a truck ran
into the Greenbridge Gas & Auto Service station located at 11401
Highway 1, Point Reyes Station, the station suffered major damage that
has disabled the power to all of its gas pumps. The owners of the
Greenbridge Gas & Auto Service are now advising that the gas pumps
will remain inoperable for another 4-6 days until repairs can be
This closure of the Greenbridge gas pumps in Point Reyes will mean
the only other operating gas pumps in West Marin will be at the Bo-Gas
station in Bolinas. Due to the warm days leading up to this coming
weekend, I anticipate that we can expect a number of stranded
motorists expressing frustration in our West Marin Communities with
empty or near empty gas tanks. Even those who may call for road
service (AAA, etc.) can expect extremely long response times from
service vehicles and tow trucks coming from the East side of the

I share this info so that you can better prepare yourself for the
next few days depending on how this may impact your daily routines and
calls for assistance. We here at the Sheriff’s Office have already
had over ten (10) walk-ins today at the Point Reyes Public Safety
Building with people frantically searching for gas, again this will
only get worse this weekend. I have already asked our local radio
station (KWMR) to begin to spread the word to their local listeners
and have talked to AAA in San Rafael about the possibility of ramping
up the number of service vehicles in West Marin this weekend to
address their increased number of calls for service. I will also be
reaching out to County DPW and Caltrans to see if any signage can be
displayed on a couple of the major roadways leading out to West Marin
to warn those heading out West of the limited gas available.  
 Information on Bo-Gas is attached to this message.   Please apprise
your guests who might be coming from out of town this weekend.
   This email was sent on behalf of West Marin Chamber of Commerce.


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