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Still Using (And Not Wanting to Give Up) Eudora Mail Program?

A couple of years ago, I posted something about finding a substitute for Eudora. It turned out there were a lot of people who didn't want to give up this superior mail program, but were forced to because of new operating systems. Someone wrote in a comment yesterday, and Rick Gordon replied as shown below.
"I'm currently trying Postbox 3.x, together with SpamSieve, and I think it's the best compromise for me yet, though it's a big change in working style from Eudora, though closer to Thunderbird (whose code it's based on) or even Apple Mail. The most Eudora-like program out there now, though is GyazMail. I doesn't handle HTML as elegantly as Postbox (which is essentially based on Mozilla/Firefox/Thunderbird) or Apple Mail (based on Webkit/Safari), but it's a lot better than Eudora, and it's got the separate window interface like classic Eudora.
   To get into Postbox, you need to export to Mail first, though, as it doesn't (any longer) support Eudora import."
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Mr. Sharkey said...


One of my fears is that sooner or later, the "experts" will "improve" the POP3 protocols, and leave me stranded with a Eudora 7 installation that no longer fetches (or even sends) messages. Since there is no import path for saved Eudora mailbox messages, 17 years of archived email would be lost.

I suppose that it's equally possible that Micro$oft "experts" will "improve" the Win OS so that Eudora will no longer even open and run, and I'll lose even the ability to search and read the archived messages.

Just something else to worry about while laying awake at night....

Rick Gordon said...

What I did was:

• Use Eudora Mailbox Cleaner (which is not compatible with 10/7+) to export the mailboxes to Mail.

• Use Mail's Rebuild Mailbox command on them.

From there, they were exportable (with status) to Postbox.

Mr. Sharkey said...

Rick, thanks for that, although it won't be of much use here, as I indicated, I'm a Windows user. Eventually, M$oft will force me over to another OS, but it will likely be some flavor of Linux rather than anything Apple.

Your link to Eudora Mailbox Cleaner was useful, however, as the site contained a link to Eudora Rescue, which appears to allow converting to a more "standard" mailbox format, including those supported by Linux-compatible mail applications. I will likely do a download and archive the application and instructions on my local machine for that dark day when I can no longer use Eudora.

Anonymous said...

Eudora v7.1.0.9 does everything I need and can do even more. The day it stops working for whatever reason is the day I quit using email.

Anonymous said...

I agree. 15 years of use and going strong... it has all I have ever needed for my business!

Brot Coburn said...

I have found my people in you, Lloyd and other commenters -- the handful of us (perhaps in the world) who still use Eudora and would like to continue to. Indeed, I fear losing 17 years of archived emails. Now I'm starting to get weird, random corruptions of my Out mailbox. Perhaps shifting and importing to Thunderbird is all we can do? Brot Coburn 307-733-4124

Anonymous said...

I love Eudora. Bought the very first version and knew some of the folks who supported it at Qualcomm.

I think I may have discovered something, however. I keep a "Leave mail on Server" version on my laptop so that all mail will end up on my console. I think that, perhaps, deleting mail that ends up as "Junk" deletes it from the server.

Could Eudora be doing that?

I noticed another issue on Windows 10 on this laptop, the only computer upgraded so far. Most times Eudora comes up in expanded screen mode and I have to click on the upper right corner square to return it to the standard size. (showing two overlapping boxes) Windows 10 problem?? I do, from time to time, see some message corruption in Windows 10 but am waiting for a new SSD drive . . . the drive I have now doesn't pass some startup diagnostics and half the time needs a forced restart to get out of 100% activity.

Anonymous said...

Amazing how an old product this good just doesn't become a standard. I too hoard my emails of past, mainly for registrations to sites or software, so I like the ability to be able to copy the email folder and place it elsewhere, or replace it with a backup when needed. No need to reinstall, no pieces laying out in windows many hide-out folders, all data and attachments within folders within Eudora. I'm looking around myself to find the best alternative that gives me the same, but better/updated capabilities. I just tried clam mail, and it seems okay, but there isn't an import mail from Eudora feature.

Tim Bingham said...

I am still using Eudora 6.2 daily for work on my MacBook Pro. I have moved my Eudora installation through several different computers over the past 20-some years. The day it no longer works with a new OS will be a very sad one for me. I have email saved in some of my mailboxes from 1994.

I use Thunderbird for my personal email but it's not nearly as nice as Eudora.

Anonymous said...

I am still using Eudora 7.1.9 or whatever the last version was. I love it and do not want to let it go. I keep getting dissed by the support people at my server, whenever some little problem comes up. They always say the fault is that I use Eudora, even when their server is getting attacked from outside their system!! It is sure annoying. I would love to see some stats on how many people are still using Eudora. As others here have said, the day I can no longer use Eudora will be a sad day for me---plus I will lose my archive which shows years of work and work contacts.
I see a lot fo moaning and groaning about email glitches and "upgrades" with Gmail etc. and I think: None of that nonsense with Eudora. Everything is simple and clear.
(nhot sure whether this post will go through . . .)

Anonymous said...

I am an IT support.
The world keep changing, we have to keep servers up to date to fix new security issues. I order to protect user's data and services, we can't stop patching and updating our servers. Old technologies may be faded out during each upgrade, email client should also keep updated to match the changes.

I understand learning new things is not easy for elderly, but we can't prevent this in the digital age. We can't prevent changing of smartphones, computers, OS, ATM, payment methods, now a days....

We can't stop you from keep using the legacy software, but please take your own risk and responsibility. IT guys really have difficulties to support legacy software.


Steve said...

I still use Eudora and love the fact that mailboxes are discrete folders. However, my very favorite feature is that it saves all attachments in an attachments folder. Can any other email program do this? I keep a shortcut to that folder, sorted by date. I sometimes find an attachment that alerts me to an email I had originally ignored. As a Web developer, this is a great tool. I want to keep Eudora forever, but more and more emails now arrive with strange formatting since it can't handle UTF8.

SNOW said...


Anonymous said...

You need to know about the Wayback machine. You can still get to the old Eurdora page in their archive:


Anonymous said...

OldVersion's tagline (Because newer is not always better!) was never more apt than Eudora - a great improvement on all its successors.

They seem to have every release for Windows, but I didn't see any Mac versions.


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