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Photos From Bay Area Perambulations Today

From top down:
-Elegant steep gable house on 28th Ave near Balboa in SF. How come you never see anything this cool in Dwell Magazine?
-House frame in Vallejo, hip roof, nice little understated dormer. You can learn a lot just studying this nicely-proportioned frame.
-If you remember when skateboards were like this, you are pretty old. In the 40s we used to take apart clamp-on-to-yr.-shoe skates and nail them on a piece of wood. This is in the window at The Purple Skunk Skate on Geary Blvd. in SF.
-Ducati on street in SF. I like seeing the frame, as with the house in Vallejo.
-Bambi Airstream, obviously a new one, Novato
Boy, I love getting out and around, shooting pics.


Anonymous said...

I like the top house the best, and next, the skateboard held together with bent nails.

Anonymous said...

ran across this. passing it on, in case of interest.


PhilM said...

Lloyd -

I wouldn't want to be the guy shingling that steep pitch!

That exposed hip roof also shows how much more detail work is required building a hip Vs simple gable. Great shot - Thanks.


Anonymous said...

More Garden Sheds..
this time, maybe of more interest to women....


Anonymous said...

some darn nice Rustic Campers


Anonymous said...

with the skate nailed on the bottom....Then I'd nail an Orange crate on the 2 X 4......

Jack Stub said...

Great photos. I love the house at the top - what great proportions. Why don't we see things like that in Dwell? I think because Dwell has an unusual obsession with the soul-less.


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