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No Men Allowed! Women Build Own Backyard Sheds

Caroline Counsell, 42, is a sales assistant who lives in Redhill, Surrey, with husband Darren, 45, a mechanic, and their two sons.
"The shed is my escape from a house in which I am outnumbered by men.
I love arts and crafts, so I spend hours with scraps of fabric and ribbon, making cards and bunting for friends and family as gifts.
It’s 8ft by 10ft and is filled with colourful containers and piled with knick-knacks. I have a desk, chair and computer — and I painted fluffy white clouds on the ceiling.
Though the shed is my corner of girliness, there is one male who is allowed over the threshold, though — my Jack Russell, Mylo!…"
Photo by Martin Spaven
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Arizona-Patti said...

Way to go Caroline. I LOVE THAT !!!!.. I only have my own work bench but I also have a tiny tool shed. a Woman's gotta have her tools!

Anonymous said...

love them.

El Gaucho said...

Our neighbor proudly calls her elaborate females-only-shed the "Menopause Mansion". It makes me chuckle every time I hear it.

Anonymous said...

here, again, is the "Shed of the Year" Finalists...men and women...


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