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Guisepi Lives in a School Bus and Serves the Community and Tea

"Joe “Guisepi” Spadafora has been living in, building, traveling around in and serving free tea out of his converted short school bus for more than 6 years. This mobile free teahouse is a community building project and a living example of low-environmental-impact, high-social impact, small-scale, DIY, low-cost living. The bus itself is around 100 square feet but packed with all the essentials for living..."
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Anonymous said...

I can't wait to devour his blog! Just the links page alone was amazing looking.


Truck Camper HQ said...

Oh wow it's just awesome

Anonymous said...


haven't got to reading his blog yet,
how does he support his endeavor? It all sounds most excellent, still, things cost. Even Tea Bags.

My Rich Frugal Life said...

L. K., is Down to Earth, but stands comfortable tall for a not so tall guy !

I am subscribing to his blog and you should also !! Don of My Rich Frugal Life.

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