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A Hotel Hooks up to The Tiny Houses Trend, Campfire Included.

" While some hotels trumpet the ample square footage of their guest rooms, others rely on quirky coziness to attract customers. Yotel, for example, offers ship-cabin-inspired rooms at several European airports and operates a full-sized hotel filled with snug (170-square foot), extremely efficiently-designed rooms near Times Square in New York City. The chain plans to open another Yotel hotel on upscale Orchard Street in Singapore..."
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4 comment s:

Anonymous said...

very nice. seems like lots of good finishing/decoration.

Anonymous said...

just saw this on t.v.. Thought it might interest




LilKittie said...

What? Cabin-designed rooms near Times Square? That would be awesome, I've been to NYC twice and it's a bit too cosmopolitan for me, even though I'm born in a capital and raised in another (both in Europe). I'm currently trying to find it on http://new-york.hotelscheap.org/times-square.html but I'm somehow lost. I suppose that it won't be cheap, because it's near Times Square, but I also hope that it won't be a rip-off like most of the hotels in NYC.

Anonymous said...

these seem really cool, a tiny community, until you check out the price..


This Tiny Cottage Community is Expensive

Pricing for the Writer’s Cottages that I showed you first are $389,900 each which does include a rare strip of lakefront land.

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