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Tiny Houses Made Of Bamboo, Hiding Inside Abandoned Hong Kong Factories

"With more than 7 million people living within a little over 400 square miles, Hong Kong doesn’t have much space for new housing. It’s also an incredibly expensive place to live--so much so that the poorest residents often end up renting tiny, rundown “cage homes” that are only big enough for a bed. Architects from AFFECT-T now hope to help with a new set of modular bamboo homes that can be built as a mini-neighborhood inside old factories and other former industrial buildings.…"
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Howard Taylor Taylor said...

Looks like it belongs in a Rambo movie.A polite bamboo cage.Mabe homeland security will buy a couple ok millions.

Anonymous said...

here is an amazing small home tree house..i suspect it must belong to an architect, but wow


Anonymous said...

sweet garden shed/maybe would make tiny house?


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