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Julie & Guillaume Visit Shelter in 2011

Julie Lambertson contributed 8 pages to our book Tiny Homes (pp. 136-143). The article contained photos, Julie's drawings, and words on Ardheia, a commune in the woods in France where Julie and half a dozen people built simple structures. They were influenced by our books on building. In 2011, Julie and her boyfriend Guillaume came to the USA, took a bike trip up the California coast, and stopped off at our studio. Julie made a book from the trip, and here is her page on their visit to Shelter Publications world headquarters:


Susannah Anderson said...

Lloyd, Sorry this is off-topic, but I've been looking for an e-mail address for you. I have a question to ask about a book from the 1970s; I'm hoping you might remember it.

Lloyd Kahn said...


Jesse. said...

what a beautiful story page drawing...! Wonderful

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