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In Some Central Portland Neighborhoods, 1 in 10 New Homes is Now Tiny

"... Four years after Portland slashed its transportation and parks fees for "in-law" units and other secondary dwellings in hopes of increasing the housing supply in its most in-demand neighborhoods, the city has gotten its wish. Though they're still far from common — it's only about 3 percent of new dwellings citywide, and fans say those that exist remain in hot demand — the backyards, cellar doors and underused garages of Portland's central neighborhoods are rapidly filling up with "accessory dwelling units," which the city defines as living spaces of 800 square feet or less that have an entrance, bathroom and kitchen to call their own..."

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1 comment :

adklauri said...

If only Ca. would follow suit. I am trying to find a small ocean view property in Marin or Sonoma county that I can have a small home delivered to and guess what? No luck.

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