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How to Pack a Whole Lot of Living into 221 Square Feet

"One of the key limitations in the design of many tiny houses is the fact that they have to be built on trailer chassis. Many zoning bylaws have minimum building sizes to keep the riffraff out and the property taxes up; many building codes have minimum room sizes and other rules that make it very hard to build small. By having wheels, it becomes a recreational vehicle and it can sneak under a lot of radars. But it's really tough to design a decent space in an 8'-6" wide (exterior dimensions!) space..."

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HighFidelityRob said...

What a nice, thought out space. Thanks for posting this.

Anonymous said...

I liked it too. (maybe not the part about needing a step stool to get to the toilet, though, grin)

I like when there is wood/ the appearance of genuine wood, as it seems to me to give a more quality/real home feel.

Anonymous said...

love this tiny home


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