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Wood Burning Cookstoves

Great selection of wood cookstoves. I like these 2 because you can see the fire.

We bought a soapstone stove from Vermont Castings (not with an oven) over 30 years ago and it's been a wonderful (and our only) source of heat ever since. These days I'd go for an oven.

Click here.
Sent us by Irene Tukuafu


Anonymous said...

nice looking stoves.

that one on the bottom especially nice.

Todd Stimpson said...

I like the bottom one as well. Beautiful.

Ches said...

We have had two older Vermont Castings, one was the small cast iron I bought used in the 90's and the other, the Resolute, I inherited with our house. I hated both of them. They both smoked. That said I really like the one in the bottom photo a lot since we cook on our wood stove whenever the fire is going. Another reason not to like the V.C., they are lousy to cook on. Currently we are using an old Morso, also inherited, which is a fine stove.

Irene Tukuafu said...

I'm still doing "research' on wood burning stoves. I looked up "MORSO" stoves and they are also beautiful and been in business for YEARS. they look expensive. I just love the first stove and maybe put one like this in the kitchen for the WINTERS here in Illinois. whew, it's cold. ONE degree right now. burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrsville.

Ches said...

Irene, a good way to buy a stove is used which unfortunately means you are subject to what is available. The Thrifty Nickel or Craigslist would be the way to go. Just be sure not to buy the stove that somebody else hated. Good luck.

Ken Adler said...

Love your wood stoves! I'm working on an invention called the Humid-i-Fire that would look great on your stoves. It is a fountain and humidifier that operates on top of wood or gas stoves with no batteries or power cord. I've started a 30 day Kickstarter campaign to test the market and would love to know what your readers think about the product.

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