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Vintage (1934) Lightweight Trailer Being Auctioned in Arizona

"Designed as a “personal size” camping trailer aimed at traveling salesmen, the Bowlus Papoose had the potential to revolutionize the industry, boasting such features as a gas-welded steel frame and a riveted aluminum skin. High production costs for Bowlus travel trailers led to high selling prices, however, and only six Papoose models were believed to have been built before the company folded. This weekend, the prototype Bowlus Papoose travel trailer heads to auction, giving bidders a chance to own a unique piece of American motoring history. …"
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From Bob Kahn


Anonymous said...

cool looking, that is until I checked the expected price...my gosh...
"predicts a selling price between $75,000 and $125,000"

rj said...

The new Ford F150 truck will have an aluminum body, saving a reported 700 pounds.

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