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Houses of the Hobbit Diaspora

"If you think that Hobbits are fictional, do not be fooled a second longer.  Middle-earth once existed, as did all of its various species. Yet the hobbits found themselves obliged to leave their original home of The Shire. Rescued by the ancestors of a mild-mannered English writer, they have spread across the world. A spell cast by the Gandalf the White means that the sons of men cannot see them but if you look close enough, there is evidence to be found. A hobbit has to live somewhere, after all.  Here are just some of the houses of the Hobbit diaspora.…"
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From David Shipway


Anonymous said...

love it. thank you.

Howard Huges said...

Lloyd, check out this "Stealth" conversion: http://www.supertopo.com/climbers-forum/563313/Stealth-Climber-Van-Conversion-OT-lots-of-pix

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