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Down a Coastal Canyon

Thursday I hiked, hopped, jumped down a steep canyon… The entire west coast has rivers and creeks that run down to the ocean. Anywhere from Washington down to San Diego, it's the same, clear water heading to sea, running perpendicular to the coast. In Baja, it's arroyos…This canyon, with a good water source running even in this drought, isn't much traveled; it's makable, but not easy…so beautiful…at one point I slipped and fell down a slope; luckily hit no rocks…gotta be more careful.


c w swanson said...

That's a classic small creek environment, and it no doubt supports a multitude of wildlife. I'd be curious as to it's condition next September, if our drought continues.

Anonymous said...


Howard Taylor Taylor said...

These water might be originate in the moutains or lakes up to hundreds miles away.we cannot view its course .How beautiful to just pop out and find the ocean. Magic

Anonymous said...

No magic. Gravity.

Anonymous said...

This is Good to Know


Anonymous said...

Crow Learns to Ski


this Crow is obviously more talented than I.

Anonymous said...

amazing reclaimed small house


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