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Community of Tiny Homes in Denmark

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Simple Fitness Concepts

For about 20 years (between 1980 and 2,000), I published a series of fitness books, the three main ones being Stretching by Bob Anderson, Galloways Book on Running by Jeff Galloway, and Getting Stronger: Weight Training For Men and Women by Bill Pearl. During those years I hung out with these athletes and learned a lot. I stretched with Bob, ran with Jeff, and lifted weights with Bill while working on their respective books.
I was thinking the other day about the glut of information surrounding all of us, and wondered if I could offer some simple concepts for each of these disciplines: stretching, running, and weightlifting. A few things you can remember and that hopefully will help you in your quest for fitness.

Just Rollin Along…

"The Wheel House is a live performance in which two acrobatic performers entertain audiences with the slow-paced rolling travel of their mobile home. The interior space of the circular home is designed to look just like a normal house, with doors, windows, curtains, pots and pans, and even a bed.…"

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Sent to us by Mike W

Hi-tech Tiny Home

"Named after philosopher Diogenes — who is said to have lived in a barrel because he considered wordly luxuries superfluous—, Renzo Piano's Diogene is a minimalist living unit which functions completely autonomously as a self-contained system and is thus independent of its environment.
   With a surface area of 2,5 x 3 metres when fully assembled and furnished, it can be loaded onto a lorry and transported anywhere. Whereas Diogene’s exterior corresponds to the image of a simple house, it is in truth a highly complex technical structure, equipped with various installations and technical systems that are necessary to guarantee its self-sufficiency and independence from the local infrastructure: Photovoltaic cells and solar modules, a rainwater tank, a biological toilet, natural ventilation, triple glazing.…"
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The Rise of the Minimalist Workout

When we first published Getting Back in Shape some 20 years ago, we included minimalist workout programs -- stretching, resistance exercise, and cardio activity -- for short periods. The 10-minute workout. The idea being that something is better than nothing.
   Just because you don't have time to run for an hour or go to the gym doesn't mean you can't do anything.
   Gretchen Reynolds wrote an article on the New York Times blog this morning on the "new" deal: mini-workouts. Click here.

Is Exercise Addictive?

Click here for article in today's New York Times by David J. Linden

Spanish Translation of Shelter (1979)

In the '70s, Shelter was translated into French, German, and Spanish. These photos came in from Bill Steen, who was in Basque country, Spain last week. He and his wife Athena are conducting a series of workshops in Europe on clay and lime wall finishes, detailed carvings, and clay ovens.

Bill wrote: “Juan Luis Herrero and family holding the original copy of Shelter that was released in Spain, 1979, entitled Cobijo, as in comforter, quilt, or cover.  Cool."

Also cool that the lady on left is holding a copy of Ben Law's Round Timber Framing, a wondertful book. Ben grows the timber he frames his buildings with and the structures are beautiful. A kindred spirit across the water (UK). (Plus kindred books.)

Cobijo was published by Blume Ediciones, Madrid.

Tiny House to Larger Tiny House

This 100 year old structure survived a 4 mile move to our farm and is now undergoing an addition—"250 to 450 square feet with minimum foot print addition"—and renovation including a loft.  Year three of the project is seeing it get closer to completion…
Steven Houck