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Treating Allergies With Pills or Drops Instead of Shots

"A Stallergenes machine acts as a pollen vacuum cleaner. The pollen is used in the drug company’s immunotheraphy treatments."
Photo by Vincent Arbelet/Stallergenes

This photo caught my eye in yesterday's NYTimes.


2 comment s:

Howard Taylor Taylor said...

Do not trust Big Pharama.Oil of Oraganol P73 will clear allergies also kill virus, bacteria, staff, parasites .NYTimes wrore a article about Oregano used by chicken producer as a natural antibiotic. He tried every thing and found this the very best.
Why take Flue shots.It works.

Anonymous said...

can't say as i could argue with Howard Taylor's sentiments...

one look at the picture, and shees it looks creepy..

doesn't seem right, somehow.

don't know about Oil of Oreganol for allergies, but I did see the article on its use as antibiotic.

me, i used to have terrible allergies, started taking mangosteen juice. allergies pretty much history, except for a few i stay away from.

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