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Housetruck in Hebrew

From Mike W. This is translated from the Hebrew. I've left the text unedited.
House on wheels, free from cables
"Almost 50 animator Joseph Tayyar tired from the bustle of the city and cables property. He bought a new truck and made it with his own hands, to satisfy all needs, (including electricity and water) - and even expands a bit when it's parked. Now he dreams of building a village on wheels, the people who choose to live differently…(the idea was born in his mind four years ago. Years spent planning and construction of the house, where did it all himself. '' True, I gave up on a lot of things - books, clothes and other unnecessary things we all hamsters at home. But I gained freedom. Real freedom. Freedom of movement, that allows me to live near the beach, in the desert, in a beautiful grove or even a city. Freedom from property tax, electricity companies, cable and water corporations''
Photos: Ilan Nachum


Anonymous said...

The Best Tea Kettle?-What is?

Anonymous said...

the video w/ the article doesn't crossover when translated.. here's the original page in Hebrew so you can, at least, watch the vid..


Mike W


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