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Bruno Meets Louie

I got into using a Mac tje same way I started doing a blog. Reluctantly. Heels dragging. But, eventually, I got with the program(s). Now I'm head over heels in love with my MacAir sand stunned and somewhatb amazed every day by what I can do online.
With the blog, once I got it figured out, I locked into it. For a self-styled journalist and communicator -- perfect! Embarrassing, perhaps, but I t       ahink about the blog every day. I'm a slow writer, and can only get afew posts a week out about what I'm doing, so I fill in with stuff I discover out there or people turn me on to.
    Pointy of all this: the blog has taken me away from these newsletters and ZI haveb to remind myself to sendn them out (because they reach a different audience (I don't read anyone's blogs). Herewith:


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