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Swamp to Table -- Cook It Raw Arrives in America

Yesterday's NY Times, article by Julia Moskin, photo by Alanna Hale:

Hardeeville, SC
"…Cook It Raw has nothing to do with raw food. Its guiding idea is to strip cooking to its raw elements: foraging, hunting, fishing, farming and low-tech skills like butchery and cooking over fire. A taste of the wild — hunting deer, gathering mushrooms, pulling wasabi from creek beds — is part of each carefully orchestrated and extensively documented program. (The first gathering, in Denmark, included 11 chefs and about 20 journalists.)

Also, the chefs themselves are stripped raw: airlifted out of their restaurant kitchens and planted far away from their families and customers, their sous-chefs and sous-vide machines, for a week.…"


Anonymous said...

alligator sauce with crawfish with wild triping shrooms.Life inLa. beautiful man.Need some home grown weed.What else.

Jonathan Stark said...

I'm in, would almost get cable to watch that!

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