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Quonset Home in British Columbia

"Was curious if any have used metal quonset buildings as residences.. Here's one in the Canadian Kootenays ( BC )…Flickr link for current photos…looks great..…

Mike W"


c w swanson said...

Quite an investment in both time and money. An off beat project that appears to be well executed.

Anonymous said...

Their flickr page:

Howard Taylor Taylor said...

Reminds me of the old geodesic domes.All that spacs above you .Beautiful.

Travis Skinner said...

Just finished building a quonset hut on two shipping containers in Trinity County, CA. Check it out... www.pairoducks.blogspot.com/2013/11/somewhere-in-northern-california.html

Anonymous said...

As an instructor in building technology (here in BC) I love all forms of construction and I teach my students about everything from standard wood framing to concrete, metal, rammed earth, etc. Having said that I think it's really important to relate your building to the area you are in. There are usually good practical and aesthetic reasons for this and while I applaud the use of different materials I would love to have seen a little more wood used here (post and beam?) to get those nice big open spaces. Anyway, very creative but maybe the wrong site?

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