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Slabs of Lumber, NYC

"More than three years ago, I began hauling logs on my trailer from NYC to Liberty, NY, where I have a mill. Every week was an adventure looking for wood and logs.
   I started out very small, going from tree cutter to private residences and municipal facilities to get trees. Loading them on my trailer and hauling them from Boston to Washington D.C., I was called 'black lumberjack.' The first time I heard it I was suprised but six months later I was completely fine with it.
   I have ventured into many back yards to retrieve fallen trees. Sometimes I am helped by the home owner or perhaps a neighbor with a loader helps out.
   I try my best to get as much info as I can about a tree from the owner and/or the tree cutter. I often have pictures and addresses for documentation."

Click here.
From Jon Kalish


Anonymous said...



some day when I win the lottery, I will shop there.

Anonymous said...

wow....that is a serious chain saw. I live in redwood country and have not seen many with a bar that long

Anonymous said...

We have this in the Twin Cities: http://woodfromthehood.com/

Don't know how widespread this sort of thing is, might make an interesting article.

Island Woman MJ said...

Beyond the gorgeous recycling of wood into the beautiful, this made me laugh. Here in the islands anyone with a common name gets a nickname attached, Black Joe, Joe Ice (he makes and sells ice), Pincho Joe (makes and sells pinchos, food on a stick), Dreadlock Carlos (obvious), Shoebox John (in reference to his oddly shaped houseboat, Buddy John (his trimaran is named Buddy), Lucy John (lived on a sailboat with his dog Lucy, constant companions), etc. When I first got here, one of the first comments was, 'We already have an MJ!' I said, well, now you have another one, and instantly became The Other MJ. She moved, and now I'm just MJ.

Anonymous said...

Great work... Just a word of advice was doing almost the same thing you were to build some tables... Got stopped by the NYS DEC and a summon for hauling wood out of area...some kind of bug there trying to control... Cost me 1000.00 fine a lawyer and lost several days at work...

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