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Hummingbird in the Hand…

Maybe once a month or so, a hummingbird gets inside the greenhouse, or kitchen, and flutters cluelessly against a window. It's easy to gently trap them in your hands, whenceupon they lie motionless. You feel this warm, soft creature against your palms. V. peaceful. Here (about 5 minutes ago), it lay still for maybe 5 seconds after I opened my hands, then took off buzzing like a mini-helicopter, iridescent green flashing in sun. (Smudges on hand from finger-caulking tin roof holes yesterday.)


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh...WOW

I am so envious...that you get to hold one in your hand.

Anonymous said...

That is really so darn cool! (and the next post, too, about the NYC subway...) keep up the good work.

bouls said...

Amazing delicate creatures!

Jack Simmons said...

I think I'm more impressed by the hand holding the hummingbird!

JB Green said...

Beautiful pic, Lloyd. Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

gotta tell you, have come back to this pic a number of times...each time it makes my entire being smile...


I think this is one of your pics worth considering selling as art

Anonymous said...

This is a special picture. The hummingbird yes! Your hand YES! ♥

Anonymous said...

you know, that is a nice picture.

you could do a series (have to get that hand dirty again...more caulking in the works?)
just the hand, in that position, then a further bunch with hand holding other things...

Anonymous said...

was looking for a garden post to put this in, but in seeing (again) the beauty in this pic, it sort of reminds me of the beauty of the renewal which is happening in Detroit, so...

Seems like so much common sense, given the troubled state of the economy in Detroit..
---yet, will it hold? Way these things go, expecting some official to come in and pass a law
Banning it………..
Urban farming invigorates Detroit









Anonymous said...

this one looks almost as good as yours, Lloyd..check it out.


(yes, I know yours is real, this isn't)

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