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We're Selling Books At Solano Avenue Street Fair Sunday in Berkeley

We'll have a booth at this event for the first time this year. Sunday Sept. 8, 10 AM-6 PM. Solano is on the edge of Berkeley and Albany, perpendicular to San Pablo and Shattuck. They say 200,000 people attend this affair. Music, food, crafts, eco-type booths, etc. We'll be selling our building books at a DISCOUNT! (Our booth is pretty close to top of block, outside 5 Star Video, 1882 Solano. Across street from Noah's Bagels.)

BTW, when I was a kid, my brother and I used to take a streetcar from the Laguna Honda Station in San Francisco down to the Key System terminal at the base of the Bay Bridge, then catch the F train that crossed the bridge (on the lower deck) and went all the way through Berkeley on Shattuck, then through the tunnel to Solano Avenue, where we'd get off and walk a block or so to our cousins' house on Marin Avenue. My aunt Dorothy was married to ex Berkeley All-American Berkeley High School football player Chili Bertoli, and we spent many weekends with the Bertolis. 10-12 years old, traveling all that distance on 1940s rapid transit, no chaperones. (The rail lines were torn out in 1958, and the lower deck converted to pavement for cars.) Ah me, I do digress.

"Will It Ever Change," by Luther Allison from a great album, "Live in Chicago":

Will It Ever Change? by Luther Allison on Grooveshark


MelDom said...

Do you know where your booth will be?

Lloyd Kahn said...

Pretty close to top of block, outside 5 Star Video, 1882 Solano.Across street from Noah's Bagels

Anonymous said...

Lloyd, I lived in Oakland in the mid-70's, just down the Ave. from the Ali Babba. It was just a movie theatre then, but I understand it was quite a dance hall in it's day... I don't imagine you were old enough to go there, but thanks for reminding me of it. Peace Gill

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