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The Trendiest House on Earth is Micro, Mobile, and Green

"A lesson in blowing Dwell magazine's mind, courtesy of the Madrid-based firm Ábaton Arquitectura: design a house that's about 290 square feet (micro home!) that's made from recyclable materials (green!) and can be transported by truck and assembled in a day (mobile!). Oh, and let's not forget about material makeup (the exterior is clad in cement-board panels) and prefab potential: ÁPH80 can be manufactured in as few as four weeks. Dwell has officially spontaneously combusted.
With gabled ceilings reaching more than 11 feet, walls of glass, and a combined living room and kitchen, the feel of this place is light and airy; 'the different spaces are recognisable [sic] and the feeling indoors is one of fullness,' the architects say.

Another look, below:"

Click here.


Anonymous said...

A camper with lift hooks instead of wheels.

Kay L. Davies said...

Beautiful! And I love Spain.

Anonymous said...

That's so fabulous!! A forty tonne crane truck lifting a shack from another truck.


Anonymous said...

This Bone house builder is interesting, Dan Philips






Gabriella said...

I love this one. I really do. They did an amazing job of using the plywood paneling as door and cabinet fronts giving the walls a very clean and modern look.

Leonard said...

It would be interesting to install solar panels and small wind turbines for that house. But the most challenging issue - water supply.

But if you're using this house just a couple times a week - that's OK.))

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