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Bloomberg's Micro Apartments in NYC

"The Daily News' Matt Chaban lives with his wife in one of the Bloomberg administration's 325-square-foot mini-apartments…

"'My wife and I are intimate again — thanks to the Bloomberg administration’s latest housing initiative.
   That’s not kissing and telling: The missus and I got a chance to spend a night inside one of the city’s new “Mike-ros,” a 325-square-foot studio apartment that the mayor thinks is the future for young urban couples.…'"
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1 comment :

Anonymous said...

i understand the concept of small living, and applaud the idea, but to me this Bloomberg apartment seems particularly soulless...depressing...uninviting...

I think that Mr Bloomberg should (with his chosen "other")live in one of these (with NO staff/maid/etc) for six weeks. maybe he would conceive of something more palatable...Mr Bloomberg surely does come up with a lot of "ideas"...i'm just thinking he should try them out personally, for some goodly length of time...and give paid leave to his gardner/maid/cook/security force etc...Give them all a entirely new perspective..

so, hoping no one is throwing rotten eggs at me....?

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