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100 Sq. Ft. Apartment in Harlem: $1250 Per Month

"Daily News reporter Simone Weichselbaum explores the smallest apartment in New York City at 14 Convent Ave.
   In jail, captives get an eight-foot-wide space plus three meals a day as they pay their debt to society.
But in one Harlem building, the captives in a 100-square-foot apartment pay $1,275 a month — and there is no free grub.…"
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From Rick Gordon


countbassie86 said...

...the rent is too damn high!

Vivek Rao said...

Awesome apartment. nicely furnished ..This rent is appropriate for this type of apartment..

Anonymous said...

there is something about this apartment, maybe it is how the space is angled, that I like.

also, from the angle of the photo, it appears this ceiling is high enough, the creative tennet could build something to make a pseudo loft - bed on top, desk/storage/kitchen on bottom?

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