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The Serra Boys

From left: Chime, Tony, Shelter, Ivory at a small town 4th of July parade. I've known Tony for 60 years, twins Shelter and Ivory since the day they were born.  Not many people know that Tony was a star high school athlete (Lincoln H.S., San Francisco, 1949-'52). Fullback on the football team, he also passed and punted, and he excelled at baseball and basketball. No one does that nowadays, what with sports specialization.

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Anonymous said...

hi Lloyd, nice to meet your friends..

something you said there, struck a chord in general, in today's world..

"No one does that nowadays, what with sports specialization"...

it seems, these days, most everything is a specialization. very tough to find someone, in any profession/career/trade who has a widely general, usefully competant knowledge base.

QUAIL333 said...

I worked with Tony and the Free City Puppet Theatre in his '72 Platypus Party Mayoral bid- Tony do you still have that paper mache Platypus?

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