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The Serra Boys

From left: Chime, Tony, Shelter, Ivory at a small town 4th of July parade. I've known Tony for 60 years, twins Shelter and Ivory since the day they were born.  Not many people know that Tony was a star high school athlete (Lincoln H.S., San Francisco, 1949-'52). Fullback on the football team, he also passed and punted, and he excelled at baseball and basketball. No one does that nowadays, what with sports specialization.


Anonymous said...

hi Lloyd, nice to meet your friends..

something you said there, struck a chord in general, in today's world..

"No one does that nowadays, what with sports specialization"...

it seems, these days, most everything is a specialization. very tough to find someone, in any profession/career/trade who has a widely general, usefully competant knowledge base.

QUAIL333 said...

I worked with Tony and the Free City Puppet Theatre in his '72 Platypus Party Mayoral bid- Tony do you still have that paper mache Platypus?

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