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Raised Bed with Slide Out Table for Tiny Homes

From Tiny House Pins here.


El Gaucho said...

Very cool, and great use of space.

Richard Ieian Jones said...

that is cool. Usually its the bed that pulls out. Nice Hudson bay blanket too.

Kay L. Davies said...

I love the pull-out tray. I've often thought of getting beds with drawers, because we are incapable of building them ourselves, but we're still storing things under the beds.
Yes, I noticed the Hudson's Bay blanket, too. A Canadian icon.

Island Woman MJ said...

I'm glad this photo has a source, so many of the 'pin' sites don't bother with them, which just drives me batty for some reason (though some would say it's a very short drive). I have the bed on a built up box along with a super tiny space; this slide out would solve a lot of issues!

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