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Paragliding Artistry

I had this wonderful period in my life some years back where, for maybe 2 weeks, I dreamed every night of flying. It wasn't like I was suddenly in the air, or jumped from a height. I started on the ground, ran, flapped my arms, and took off. It was such a vivid experience, I remember it clearly, after all these years. An out-of-body experience, if you'll pardon the cliché. During my waking hours, I'd sometimes feel like I could almost do it.
  Yesterday I was corresponding with Kian Clipson, who lives in Southwest England; his small, cozy, artistic mobile home is going into our new book, Tiny Homes on the Move, and I decided to check the paragliding website that Kian co-founded, here, and there is a ton of exciting stuff. These guys are doing what I did in my dreams.

Urban Side from Jean-Baptiste Chandelier JB prod on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

interesting, I too, for years would dream of flying. I would just (in my dreams),just "decide" I wanted to fly, and there I would be soaring over things, gliding with my arms.

the other dream I had nearly nightly, for years and years, was I would suddenly be running as fast as the wind...Loved it, but I would wake up and realise "not gonna happen", and feel sad.

did you feel sad when you would wake up and realise you could not fly?

Lloyd Kahn said...


Anonymous said...

Lloyd, ah, good. It didn't happen re the flying for me, but for the running. Don't dream of running (or flying) anymore.

Anonymous said...

you shall hereafter be known as Lloyd Castaneda..with the Bolinas way of knowledge..

Mike W

ercanj said...

From time to time (they come rarely but in clusters) I have dreams where I am capable of floating. This is not flight over large areas at height. It is more like I leap gently and then decide not to fall. I'm usually in a standing position. I can feel the pull of gravity and I am drawn down but by an act of will I can simple say no. Once I'm secure in floating I can move about slowly through the air, usually still in a standing position. These dreams are as real and lucid as any I have ever had. I partially know that I am dreaming because I am floating but it is also clear to me at the time that what I am doing is not difficult, it is possible. These dreams are wonderful and like Lloyd I can remember during my waking hours that this is possible. The fact that it isn't is not upsetting. I like the dreams.

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