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Gardeners' World Magazine

This is by far the best gardening magazine I've ever seen. Everything in it seems useful, and I even like the ads.
  In all these decades of planting and pruning fruit trees, I only pruned in winter. I read the article here on summer pruning and did some heavy pruning on 2 apple trees yesterday (it's mid-summer). Do they look good! I've always tried to form a good basic structure in the winter, but come summer, there's always an explosion of shoots in all directions. Yesterday I cut those back. The trees look better, and there'll be more energy flowing to the apples without all that useless foliage.
   The magazine has lots of photos showing you how to do stuff. I also learned some key things about harvesting garlic in this issue.


Matt23 said...

Gardeners question time on Radio 4 is very good should be able to listen via their site

Anonymous said...

very timely for me. have a apple tree, planted few yrs back. have been trimming it myself, in fall (as i thought was supposed to). my goal is to keep it "small" / "short", as i had heard about someone who managed this.

it is good to know, i can go give it a trim, now. there are small apples on it, so i will be able to see where not to cut.


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