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Bike Trailers

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Surf Rack On Bike":
Some cool bike trailers:


Anonymous said...

I keep thinking (and I am not at all athletic/biker), it would be wonderful, and solve most all health problems, if there were serious dedicated "self propelled" two way highways across the entire world. sort of a parallel, but TOTALLY separate "self propelled" system. this could be enhanced by "self propelled" ONLY services/camp spots/foraging spots/services - minor maintenance - food kiosk - info - b & b etc..

no fuel use/no pollution/ think of all that fresh air and exercise / chance to visit and say hello to fellow travelers..

I see these posts like above and the cargo bike one, and think, wow, they , and a "self propelled" exclusive highway could change life

Exploriment said...

Where's the like button for that comment.

Anonymous said...

another link, this time for a cargo bike..


Mike W


jane said...

A bike highway sounds like a beautiful thing.

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