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270-year-old Stone Home on 7 Acres in N.J. For Sale $700,000

Californians seeking homes will read this and weep. It's got a 2-story barn! It's got a pond! Hand-hewn beams! In yesterday's NY Times Sunday paper. I couldn't get the photo to come up (it's definitely not the one at the top of the article), but here's the realtor's pitch:
WHAT: A three-bedroom one-and-a-half-bath stone house
HOW MUCH: $679,000 SIZE: 2,610 square feet (according to tax records)
INDOORS: The house’s oldest sections were built in 1730 and 1820, and retain nearly all their original features, including wide-plank pumpkin pine floors, hand-hewn wood beams and exposed stone walls. The kitchen and bathrooms were renovated in 2006. There are three original fireplaces, one decorative and two wood-burning. In addition to stainless-steel appliances and granite countertops, the kitchen has an old beehive baking oven. Bedrooms are upstairs. The master has an en-suite bathroom. The second floor also features a den.

SETTING: Washington Township is in Morris County, 55 miles from New York City. Parts of the area are on the National Register of Historic Places. The region has many stone houses dating back to the 18th century. This house, built in 1730, is on over seven and a half acres. Neighboring properties tend to be two to three acres. Grocery shopping and other amenities are in Hackettstown, a 10-minute drive.
OUTDOOR SPACE: The property is a mix of clear and wooded land, with a pond and two-story barn. There are poplar, cherry, pear and walnut trees.
TAXES: $11,193 a year
CONTACT: Virginia Harpell and Doris Ju, Turpin Real Estate (973) 650-1637; turpinrealtors.com


Anonymous said...

Yeah but if the mosquitoes don't kill you the property taxes will!

Anonymous said...

think I found the links with pics

Beautiful…nice history




Moon to Moon said...

You would love my parents house. It is a 700 year old Welsh Cottage in Snowdon National Park. So pretty

Anonymous said...

As someone who lives in this area, I can vouch for the beauty and charm of the old homesteads, however...

The incinerator and landfill nearby, not to mention the property taxes, mice and rats attracted to the grains in the barns and the brutal heating bills, dilutes the pastoral fantasy a bit.

James Reynolds said...

I love old homes, I bought one several years ago, but there was no basement or solid foundation on it. I ended up contacting a company that specializes in house raising in NJ, they came out and actually lifted the house and built a solid foundation and basement underneath of it and I haven't experienced any kind of flooding since. I would recommend anyone with an old home with out a solid foundation look into this service.

Anonymous said...

Anonymouse re the perils of Old Home in that area...sigh...yup, those things would take the bloom off, especially the mice / rats...Maybe those could be managed with a barn full of cats?... the landfill...well ..yuck..guess that would be the "sweet smell of success/prosperity", but yuck...

Moon to Moon
any chance of a pic of your parents house?
love to see it.

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