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The Pax is the iPhone 5 of Vaporizers

This in from Anonymous:

"By this I mean a real breakthrough. Elegant, small, stealthy. When you press down on the mouthpiece, it pops up and activates a subtly pulsing purple light. In 20-30 seconds, this turns green and vapor is ready.

When people seem shocked at the $250 price, I ask them what they think their lungs are worth.

Read about here on Cool Tools."


lillie said...

working with people at the end of life who are in pain and do not have an appetite.....this is a wonderful tool. not everyone can handle their medicine in food form or by smoking it. the price is very reasonable. thanks for sharing. :)

Anonymous said...

Lloyd, I saw your talk at the puyallup mother earth news fair. I smoke herb by just rolling it in paper, and am now considering vapor after your talk -thinking of my lungs. Have you purchased the Pax, or do you own a different device? Do you need a $250 vaporizer? Thanks.

Lloyd Kahn said...

Anon. -- I have the Pax. It's worth it.

Anne said...

That's the Easiest way to get the desired results. Its simply amazing tool which is worth to own. Thanks for the details here.

vaporizers said...

Actually is is costly but then not more than our lungs it is worth the cost..

jhon said...

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