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Kitty Ladder + Other DIY Projects in (State of) Washington

"Hey Lloyd, I've read all your books, or should I say I look at them before work every morning, I read your blog and needless to say i've been really inspired by your work. I've been working as a carpenter for a little over a year and I'm working on my first full build.  The house is located in Rochester, Washington, it's a 900 sq ft footprint with a 100 sq ft loft.  We got the exterior done for the fall and we will start the interior when the client returns from a trip to Romania. I've been taking pictures of the process and writing a little bit about it.  I also just finished a micro house for my new pup.  I thought I would send you a link to my blog.  Thanks so much for all of your work
-Travis Skinner"
At left, Travis' "Kitty Ladder," so a friend's cat can go in and out without being bothered by an aggressive dog. Check out other homemade stuff by Travis: http://www.pairoducks.blogspot.com

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