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Wooden Boat Building

"A short documentary about the craft and philosophy of wooden boat carpentry. Directed by Kat Gardiner, produced by Kat Gardiner & Nathan Walker"
Sent us by Mike W


Anonymous said...

My heart was suspended in a swoon the entire time I was watching this!!

Beautifully-filmed...great visuals and storytelling. The tools used for wooden boat-building are all SO exquisite, and I loved learning about the craft and process--watching Andy do his work with such artistry and care was such a soothing meditation.

WONDERFUL documentary! <3

Island Woman MJ said...

Infinitely pleasing for us as well. I sent this to a friend who is a wooden boat builder; he gives me the same feeling of quiet passion about his work.

Anonymous said...

Boatbuilder and master craftsman, Lionel Jefcoate

83, he has built more than 56 boats – steamboats, sailboats, launches and large yachts – one of which he sailed around the South Pacific with his family


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