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Round Barns, Round Architecture

Jerry Freeze has assembled a huge collection of round barns and other round buildings. "My website is a tribute to Round Barns, Round Houses, Round Schools and in general Round Architecture." There are also a number of Jerry's paintings of barns, like this one.


Anonymous said...

my favorite Round Barn

BCKRVUE said...

I have a passion for old barns and the re purposing of the lumber as so many of these structures fall into disrepair. The concept of a barn that is round is extremely interesting.In 1991 Lowell Soilke published his book on Iowa's round barns "Without Right Angles : The Round Barns of Iowa" would recommend this to any person interested in farming and barns. I am fortunate to have one of these classic barns just down the road from me

Anonymous said...

Nice to see they had the picture of the old round barn from around the area I grew up in, the one near Edmunds, ND. Also weird to see a picture of Kist Livestock with nothing around it, Mandan, ND.

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