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Car Camping 1920s Style

"Washington, D.C., or vicinity circa 1920. "Family in auto tourist camp." A novelty that would evolve into tourist cabins of the 1920s and '30s, the motor courts of the '40s and '50s and culminate in the motor hotel, or 'motel.'"
From Shorpy


Anonymous said...

Amazing picture. It appears there is a light bulb on a cord hanging from the stick in the middle of the photo and it is plugged into the top of the vehicle. I thought I was being so creative plugging patio lanterns into my Westfalia, guess not!

Trailer Park Cyclist said...

That is proto-westphalia. As a side note, those people look oddly familiar...

windpowerjohn said...

aviation pioneer Glen Curtis built the first 5th wheel - the Aerocar - for camping around 1929 http://www.coachbuilt.com/bui/c/curtiss/curtiss2.htm

Anonymous said...

license plate says TEX. They motored a long way to DC.

saad aamir said...

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Tina Holt said...


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