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Beginner's Guide For Building Small Shed

This is a very good book on construction of a small building. The author is a good teacher; he walks you through the entire process of construction, from foundation to roof, in a way that's understandable to novices. The drawings are great: helpful and friendly. Ostensibly for kids building clubhouses, but it's also a very good starting manual for anyone building their first small structure.
From Storey Publishing here.


Lee Mothes said...

Hi Llloyd,

Thanks for mentioning my book! Someday I'll have to come out and talk to you about tiny houses, building etc. Your postings are a great inspiration.


Anonymous said...

here is an interesting bunch of sheds/ interesting competition.


Anonymous said...

here's the complete listing of sheds for 2013, competition


Anonymous said...

gosh, okay, think i tracked down the main site for this competition


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