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600 Year Old Timber Frame Building in France

"This oak frame thatched building is almost 600 years old. It's the town hall (Mairie) of Saint Sulpice de Grimbouville in France. It was originally built in the nearby town of Selles, 12Km away, in 1420 by English carpenters during the Hundred Years War. In 1996 it was threatened with demolition but saved by the people of Saint Sulpice de Grimbouville along with three other cottages.…"
Isn't this a beauty? Everything is right about it.
From the Natural Homes website, which is packed with great info on homes of timber, straw, cob, thatch, adobe, and turf. The website is run out of Russia by Oliver Blake Swann. http://naturalhomes.org/


Anonymous said...

exactly..."Everything is right about it"

Rob said...

Hey! What happened to the 'Fourlights' houses post and Jay Schaffer?

c w swanson said...

Doesn't look a day over 40!

Lloyd Kahn said...

Jay Shafer coming uo tomorrow, April 5th

Kay L. Davies said...

Gorgeous, Lloyd. I'm so glad it was saved.

Anonymous said...

anyone have a link to see the inside?

岡充太郎 said...

A wonderful house which people can still live in. The second floor is larger than the first.Is this because of property tax? Be this forever!

In japan the same timber framed large house.Two story with three floor attic.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VyeeUZ2kGYc&oq=%E4%BA%94%E7%AE%87%E5%B1%B1&gs_l=youtube..0.5j0l5j0i5j0i5i4i37.5752.31879.0.36544.

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