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World Travels in Renault 4 CV

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Photos of 5 Minicars":

"My favorite is the 'Renault 4 CV'.' My parents bought a secondhand model with their savings in 1960 - our first car - unfortunately, they didn't have enough money to pay an insurance policy and the car remained unused for some months... my sister and I spent hours in it, playing imaginery drivers & travellers ! the 4 CV was the first popular post-war car - very tiny but we loved it. When we left for holidays, it was crammed full - a funny and exciting expedition.
   Steven Weinberg travels all around the world with his vintage Renault 4 CV (a new adventure is coming soon). Pictures of his travel in USA here."

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G-cebgirl A said...

I remember we have a vintage Renault 4 CV my dad sold it when i was 8 yrs old, then we transfer other village town here in the philippines. Had a little walk in all the village and very happy because saw our old Renault 4 CV the number JT986. So glad he is always near to us.

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